Queens will
see you shortly
Queens +++ the Queen of Typefaces +++ New Weights Out Now +++ Queens +++ the Queen of Typefaces +++ New Weights Out Now +++
Queens +++ the Queen of Typefaces +++ New Weights Out Now +++ Queens +++ the Queen of Typefaces +++ New Weights Out Now +++
Queens is a variable
typographic system
for editorial & display
encompassing multiple
widths & weights.
Generous, Confident, Adaptive. Such is the realm of Queens and its many different faces. Queens’ lineage can be traced back to the Bodonis & Didots – inheriting some of the classical elegance, but renouncing the rigid mannerist construction in favor of playfulness.
Queens’ strength lies in the understanding that diversity and quirk are to be embraced, and that expectations of rhythm need to be broken in order to flourish. It unifies a backward-leaning a with the alternating stress angles of e and o, while the t sits enthroned on the baseline, swapping the pedestrian tail for a monumental serif. Traditionally flaring strokes are tapered, resulting in an Italic f that contrasts a delicate teardrop terminal with the sharpness of a knife.
The individual weights of Queens form a type family with three distinct widths and seven weights, ranging from Air to Extra Bold. Together with true Italics, the system comprises 42 individual styles. Click through the passport below to learn more about the individual styles.
When Queens
commands her
letters to follow,
they obey.
In addition to the individual, static styles Queens is available as a Variable Font. The format allows you to pick a custom weight and width from the design spectrum. Slightly bolder than Medium, but not Bold yet? Just nudge the slider along by a few units. The technology also makes it possible for the fonts to adapt to responsive layouts.
Dare to be square! Queens is able to radically change its appearance with this stylistic set. All dots, dot-like diacritics, punctuation, and even some symbols are replaced by squares, adding a constructivist undertone to your headlines.
Queens supports more than 400 languages using the Latin alphabet. The extensive range of African, American, Asian, European, and Oceanic languages is part of our standard Latin character set. Find more samples on our site or check out the PDF specimen below.
The Italic swashes are the result of a negotiation between rationalization and exuberance. If you like to break the rules of typography in style, they can even be used for all-caps text settings.
Queens is available exclusively from Kilotype.

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